Friday, July 6, 2012

Weight Watchers/Made to Crave Day 4

July 6, 2012
  I will not be defined by a number on the scale any longer either.  I will always be a recovering food addict and people pleaser, but I will be able to live victoriously even through the ups and downs.  Because, you know what?  God loves me no matter what.  I am almost giddy at that thought, dear friends.  More tomorrow!
I Corinthians 10:31: "So eat your meals heartily, not worrying about what others say about you—you're eating to God's glory, after all, not to please them. As a matter of fact, do everything that way, heartily and freely to God's glory."  The Message
Yep, God cares even about our food; and, wanting to glorify God, and knowing my worth and value come from Him, today even easier than yesterday. I have dieted and gained and dieted and gained all my life. What I NEVER did before is give it over to God and let Him have that part of me. What freedom I now have knowing that I can overcome this obstacle.
Why didn't I see it before? Because I had blinders on where my weight was concerned, always looking down at the number on the scale. Not any longer!

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