Thursday, July 12, 2012

Craving, Craving, Craving...

So certain times of the month I crave salty, crunchy things.  I sprinkle salt on celery, radishes, cucumbers, staying away from my usual snack of choice this time of the month - pretzels.  Because I know if I have them in the house, I will eat the whole bag and then feel awful that I let myself down.  It makes me think about the way Eve was tempted, and then how Jesus was tempted.  Satan may have tempted each in kind years and years and decades apart, but his tactics remain the same and, frankly, you'd think he'd try something new sooner or later.  God made us to crave so we would always want more of Him.  Satan, doing what he does, twists that around.  There are 3 basic ways he attacks our God-given craving:  Physical, material, and significance.  With Eve, it was seeing the fruit was good for food (physical), pleasing to the eye (material), and for gaining wisdom (significance).  With Jesus had been fasting and Satan tempted him to make the stones into bread (physical), he promised Jesus kingdoms if he would bow down and worship him (material), and tried to force Jesus into proving he was the Son of God by throwing himself down so the angels would rescue Him (significance).

Now, 2000 years later, old Satan's tactics are the same with me:  Those pretzels are pretty good food in the snack category (physical), they are very pleasing to the eye (material), and if I share them with the girls they will love me (significance).

Well I've got news, Mr. Satan - I did not buy them at the store because I KNEW they are a weakness and I have worked too hard for the last 2 weeks to blow it all now.  So BACK off and leave me alone because I know that I can suffer the pain of change or suffer the way that I am and I choose to suffer the pain of change.  You are no longer welcome, here.  Buh-Bye now!

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